Do I really need a CPA?

What exactly can a CPA do for me ?

You may be wondering what a CPA really does and, of course, what kind of value he/she can add to your business. Is it mandatory to hire a CPA?

The CPA is a business professional whose primary mission is to keep, centralize, open, close, monitor, remediate and consolidate business accounts.

But the CPA can also assist your business with all its operating needs from the moment of its creation – articles of association and financial statements, legal assistance, business management, transfers and acquisitions, asset management… (+)

An “All-in” Package

Really everything!

You’re probably searching for the fine print to see the exceptions to this offer … Well, there isn’t any!

Simply put, ACCINOR offers an “All-in” package that is truly all-inclusive based on an estimation of the volume of your accounting documents, staff numbers, and business management needs.

There will never be any added charges … ever. Interim statements, staff changes, bank requests for documentation– will all be included in your package fee. You’ll never pay more. (FAQ)

Special Offer for the entrepreneur.

To start off easy!

Do you plan to open a business? Or perhaps you just want to?

Have you done a little surfing to discover the options of organizational structure, but hesitate between the sole proprietorship and the LLC? Do the explanations just confuse you?

Do you need financing but not know how to create the documents the bank has requested?

We are here to help and to accompany you through this process from A to Z. Take a look at the path to entrepreneurship in three steps… (+)