FAQ for our All-in package

What will happen if the volume of my accounting documents differs from the initial estimate?

Don’t worry. The estimate is always calculated on an incremental scale. Your fee may be modified only after exceeding this estimate for three consecutive months. (And, the modification will only affect future charges. It will never be applied to charges already accrued.) This allows you the peace of mind of knowing exactly what to expect from month-to-month. There will never be any surprises…ever! And of course, this adjustment can go both ways- if your level of activity is reduced for the same period, you will see a reduction in your monthly fee.

And what if I really have an unusual request?

Exceptional services are always included in your package. However, if a similar service is requested repeatedly, it becomes a recurring service. In this case, your monthly fee will be adjusted after three consecutive months (for future months only).

So I will never be billed for any additional charges?

Additional charges–no. However, our office may require reimbursement for expenses accrued on behalf of your company. That is, if the terms of your contract with ACCINOR include the provision for advanced payment for some administrative fees (registration fees, legal notices) reimbursement in full is expected.

This seems too good to be true…

The contract between your business and ACCINOR is a written and legally binding contract called an “engagement letter” which outlines all the commitments and obligations for each party in detail. And there is no fine print!

Ok, so what is the fee?

Of course, this will depend on the size of your business and, particularly, how active you are in organizing and managing your accounting affairs. If you give us the famous “shoe box” the fee will certainly be higher than if you follow our advice for organizing, filing, and transmitting documents. (see our guidelines here).

Here are some examples:

  • Free-lancer/Independent contractor with a few invoices per month – 100 € + VAT per month ;
  • Independent lawyer in a law-office – 600 € + VAT per year ;
  • Construction firm with 2 or 3 employees and a hundred invoices per month – 250 € + VAT per month;
  • Hairdressing salon (1-2 employees) – 250 € + VAT per month ;
  • Restaurant (5-7 employees) – 500 € + VAT per month.

How does this package system work?

You will receive a bill on the 1st of each month which is payable by automatic transfer on the 26th of the same month. If your collaboration with ACCINOR hasn’t started before the first month of your company’s fiscal year, you will be responsible for set-up fees (formatting, review of accounts from beginning of fiscal year). The amount of these set-up fees depends on the individual traits of your company, but by general rule, you can estimate about half of the regular monthly charge multiplied by the number of months already closed in the fiscal year.

How many times can I call you before my fee increases?

We are not a help desk or call center where you pay by the minute… On the other hand, just as yours is not, our time is not free. If the frequency of correspondence (e-mail or telephone) increases too significantly, your fee will go up. However, as with the fluctuating number of documents, this increase must occur for three months before any rise in fees will be discussed. And this increase, always with your consent, will only affect future charges, never previous ones.

Full service

All inclusive CPA services package
ACCINOR offers an All-in package that is truly all-inclusive based on an estimation of the volume of your accounting documents, staff numbers, and business management needs. There will never be any added charges…ever. Interim statements, staff changes, bank requests for documentation– will all be included in your package fee. You’ll never pay more.