The keyword: Online!

What will the partnership with your company look like?

At ACCINOR, we are convinced that it is in our common interest to optimize the management of your accounts. In fact, this service doesn’t necessarily hold added value, it is simply a legal obligation. So, we prefer to manage these questions as efficiently as possible in order to dedicate the majority of our time and efforts to those tasks that will truly bring benefit to your business (forecasting, dashboards, social and fiscal optimization…)
Because of this, we have opted for 100% online communication between ourselves and our clients. These transactions are made by e-mail for all legal, social, and fiscal documentation and via our COM’EXPERT platform for billing.
Moreover, we provide our clients with software to assist in creating bills and fee schedules which allows for the digital processing of these transactions. We will also provide you with a guide for organizing and filing your documents, dividers, and Excel formulas to permit professional and reliable recordkeeping.
Thanks to our online GED tools and the COM’EXPERT platform, you can access any document concerning your business at any time (pay slips, balance sheets, VAT returns, dashboards, bills). Of course, we are happy to manage all of these transactions “on paper” with a slight difference in fee (see our “All-in” package deal).

I am one of your clients and I have an urgent question. Can I call or send you an e-mail?

Our role as advisors is not only our duty but our reason for being. As business owners ourselves, we understand how important it is to be able to access important information in a reliable and efficient manner. In fact, it’s easy to quickly reach the limits of the “Google method”, especially with respect to accounting, social, financial or legal techniques. Our promise is to respond to your demands directly by telephone or e-mail, as soon as possible, and always within 2 business days.

Who will I be in contact with in your company?

You will always only be in contact with a CPA to discuss any topic related to your business activities. To us, the CPA’s complete mastery of the client’s portfolio is essential. However, all or a portion of certain technical tasks may be carried out by internal collaborators or even external contractors. But this will always remain completely transparent. Your only contact is your CPA.

Save time with our cloud

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