Do you plan to open a business?

We are here to help and to accompany you through this process from A to Z. Take a look at the path to entrepreneurship in three steps.

Cost : 750 € HT, due once your company is registered. It’s important to consider additional costs related to company organization, if applicable (legal announcement, work tribunal, chamber of commerce). These formalities typically cost approximately 250 € for a commercial business and 400 € to 500 € for a crafters company which much register with the chamber of commerce. Our company is willing to advance these fees and bill your company later, once it begins to operate.

If you decide to interrupt your project at Step 1 – you will pay nothing. If your project ends at Step 2, you will be responsible for the sum of 450 € HT.

Of course, we will stay by your side throughout this process to offer all the assistance and information you need.

And once your business is up and running, we offer our All-in package for the continued global management of your business.

Step 1

First advisory meeting during which you can explain your project in detail and be informed of all of your options and possible restrictions.

Step 2

Collection of information, project status, creation of a business plan, if necessary.

Step 3

Completion of legal documents and administrative formalities.